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Denver Broncos Draft Update
FB Rankings

* indicates underclassman
+ indicates moving up
- indicates moving down
n indicates no movement

1. Najah Davenport - Miami (+)
Reminds me Larry Centers. Can play either FB or RB. Is a good lead blocker and can also function well as the featured back. Is a good reciever and pass blocker as well. Doesn't really have fullback size, but a team will find a place for him.

2. Will Bartholomew - Tennessee (+)
Reminds me of Howard Griffith. Not a huge fullback, but plays huge. Is a great lead blocker and dangerous pass receiver near the goal line.

3. Charles Stackhouse - Mississippi (-)
Reminds me of Tim Lester. A pure fullback. Loves to lead the way. Pretty good short yardage runner.

4. Jasper Sanks - Georgia (n)
Reminds me of Jim Kleinsasser. Not really a FB, but not really a RB either. He is a pretty good receiver and has fair speed and quickness.

5. Jarrett Ferguson - Virginia Tech (+)
Reminds me of Richie Anderson. Can be a real offensive weapon. Good blocker, good runner, good receiver, just a little undersized.

6. Jamar Martin - Ohio St (+)
Reminds me of Sam Gash. Hits like a guard in the running game. Best lead blocker in of the bunch.

7. Jarrod Baxter - New Mexico (-)
Reminds me of Cecil Martin. Very good lead blocker and short yardage runner. Will come out of the game on passing downs.

8. Chad Kuhns - Wisconsin (n)
Reminds me of Lorenzo Neal. Good lead blocker and not much else to offer.