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Denver Broncos Draft Update
2002 Broncos Draft Needs

If DE Kalimba Edwards falls to us in round 1 he would be my fantasy pick, but I don't think he will make it out of the top 10 and so far Shanahan has never shown any interest in trading up in the draft. So, in my opinion that means we should take the best WR available when we pick.

I love Ashley Lelie WR Hawaii. He is faster than the 4.5 that most people cliam is his 40 time right now. He is a complete receiver who can catch tough passes over the middle and turn them into big plays. He can also get down the field and run past a lot of corners, something Denver hasn't really had forever (Ricky Nattiel is the closest thing in the last 20 years)

I know everyone is going to question my prediction of Lamar Gordon RB North Dakota State in the second round. Before you send me a nasty email, let me explain.

There is no doubt that safety is a bigger need at this point than RB, but the word around Denver is that last years number 1 pick Willie Middlebrooks is moving to safety. If that is the case then they won't take a safety in the first or second round.

In addition, the RB situation is not as settled as a lot of Broncos fans want to beleive. Terrell Davis and his $8 million salary may become a salary cap casualty and Olandis Gary is coming off back-to-back season ending injuries and is a restricted free agent who probably won't be re-signed. That leaves only Mike Anderson who under-achieved this year and is alreay 29 years old. Gordon would add youth and SPEED to that offense. His addition will give Denver another weapon on offense which they really, really need.

A player I'm keeping an eye on is DE/LB Algie Atkinson from Kansas. He was very impressive at the Shrine Game and looks like he could make the move to pass rush DE in the NFL. He could be a guy Denver looks at on day 2 of the draft if he is still there.

OT Trey Teague is a free agent and I wouldn't care if they didn't re-sign him. If they chose not to then OT may become more of a draft day priority as well. I really like Matt Hill from Boise State and am interested in the huge (although sometimes lazy) Langston Walker from Cal.

My guess at Denver's Draft

Round 1
Ashley Lelie WR Hawaii
A real playmaker and fills a real need for Denver.

Round 2
Lamar Gordon RB North Dakota State
I know, I know. You're saying what about DE or S? Willie Middlebrooks is moving to Safety and there are DE is deep in this draft and can be addressed later. Gordon can fly, so add him to Lelie and our team speed goes way up.

Round 3
No pick because of salary cap violations

Round 4 (2 picks - Atlanta's and our own)
Jon McGraw S Kansas State
We still need depth at S and McGraw is a rising star at this point. He may not be around in the 4th round.

Nate Dwyer DT Kansas
Fills the need for a young run stopper on the DL

Round 5
Greg White DE Minnesota
Underrated edge pass rusher. Also a very good run stopper. Would be a steal at this point in the draft.

Round 6
Matt Hill OT Boise State
Has huge upside and will continue to get better as he gains more experience on the offensive side of the ball.

Round 7 (2 picks - Atlanta's and our own)
Nick Rolovich QB Hawaii
You can never have too many QB's who threw for over 3300 yards and 34 TD's in only 10 games.

Travis Dorsch K Purdue
Elam is a free agent and it seems they may not try too hard to re-sign him. He can also punt if needed.