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Denver Broncos Draft Update
WR Rankings

* indicates underclassman
+ indicates moving up
- indicates moving down
n indicates no movement

1. *Ashley Lelie - Hawaii (+)
Do it all WR. Nobody saw him play much out in Hawaii, but he has it all. Speed, strength, toughness, size. Can climb the ladder to get the ball, runs precise patterns. Has top 10 talent but needs to show it during workouts to be taken that high.

2. *Josh Reed - LSU (+)
Reminds me of Rod Smith. Is not fast but is a big play receiver because of his running ability after the catch. Used to be a RB and plays like one after he catches the ball.

3. *Antonio Bryant - Pittsburgh (n)
Reminds me of Randy Moss. Unfortunately he reminds me of Moss off the field as well as on it, but is one of the few receivers that can dominate a game.

4. *Jabar Gaffney - Florida (+)
After Spurrier left school, Gaffney decided he would too. A great playmaker and who makes catches in traffic and shows guts when going over the middle. Is a great talent.

5. Andre Davis - Virginia Tech (+)
Reminds me of Terry Glenn. He only reminds me of Glenn on the field, not off. Is a speed guy that likes to get down field, but is also not afraid to go over the middle and make tough catches.

6. Javon Walker - Florida State (+)
Reminds me of Cris Carter. Good size and deceptivly fast. Has excellent hands and loves to go over the middle.

7. Ron Johnson - Minnesota (-)
Reminds me of Hines Ward. Not the fastest guy in the world, but a tough, hardnosed competitor. Is a devastating blocker downfield. You may question his athletic ability, but you will never question his heart.

8. Marquise Walker - Michigan (-)
Reminds me of Keyshawn Johnson. Not overly fast, but loves to go over the middle and make big catches. Runs fairly well after the catch. Needs to be involved in the action from the outset of the game or he loses interest.

9. Kelly Campbell - Georgia Tech (-)
Reminds me of Curtis Conway. Has track guy speed but is inconsistent cathing the ball. Run spectacular routes when he can get off the line which could be a problem for him in the NFL.

10. Kahlil Hill - Iowa (-)
Reminds me of Terrell Owens. Is a big strong target who will nickle and dime you all day and then all of a sudden take one 70 yards. Has deceptive speed and is a powerful runner.

11. Brian Poli-Dixon - UCLA (-)
Reminds me of Plaxico Burris. Is tall and lanky. Creates all sorts of matchup problems for smaller CB's. Is not fast, but is a huge target. Is very effective at using his size to his advantage in the red zone.

12. Tavon Mason - Virgina (+)
Has pretty good size and hands, but is lightning fast. I've seen his 40 time reported a 4.27. A bit of a project, but you can't teach speed.

13. Cliff Russell - Utah (-)
Reminds me of James Jett. Can absolutely fly but there is only about a 50-50 chance he is actually going to catch a given ball.

14. Nokoa McElrath - Washington St (-)
Reminds me of Troy Edwards. Not really from a physical standpoint but from the standpoint that he has all the talent in the world, but doesn't always seem that interested in using it. Has been dominate at times, and non-existant at times.

15. Atrews Bell - Florida State (+)
Reminds me of Matthew Hatchette. Will look great as a third receiver but if you try to make him an every down reciever he will disappoint you.

16. Reche Caldwell - Florida (-)
Would have benefited from staying another year at Florida. Has good hands and good speed, but there is just nothing spectacular about him.

17. Jason McAddley - Alabama (+)
Freddie Millons has been very disappointing while McAddley's stock has risen. He has great size and speed, but is a bit raw in his route running skills.

18. Daryl Jones - Miami (n)
Reminds me Derek Mason. Is very fast and if he can learn to be consistent in the NFL can improve like Mason has done.

19. Freddie Millons - Alabama (-)
Reminds me of Santana Moss. He is undersized and an underachiever. Can be very productive, but is absent for long periods of time. Must become a lot more consistant to play in the NFL.

20. Lee Mays - UTEP (n)
Reminds me of Todd Pinkston. Is tall and thin...and fast. Needs to add some strength so he doesn't get pushed around by NFL DB's. Has a lot of upside with his quickness and good hands.

21. Herb Haygood - Michigan St (n)
Reminds me of Az Hakim. If he gets the ball in space hold on to your hat. Doesn't care for going over the middle and is a little careless with ball after the catch. Is the difination of a big play receiver.

22. TC Taylor - Jackson State (+)
Has good size but unless he improves his 40 time may end up being a TE/H-back type player in the NFL. Has a ton of upside.

23. Deion Branch - Louisville (-)
Reminds me of Tim Dwight. Small, fast and fearless. Has more athletic ability than Dwight. Runs precise quick routes and can get open both short and deep.

24. Kendall Newson - Middle Tennessee State (n)
Small school talent who owned nearly every school record for receiving after his junior year. Has a nice combination of size, speed and football smarts.

25. Dallas Davis - Colorado State (n)
May have to make a team as a punt returner, he is a very good one. As a receiver he isn't overly big or fast or strong. If he can get off the line he can get open and has excellent hands, the problem for him will be getting off the line.