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Denver Broncos Draft Update
DB Rankings

* indicates underclassman
+ indicates moving up
- indicates moving down
n indicates no movement


1. Keyuo Craver - Nebraska (+)
Reminds me of Aeneas Williams. For my money he is the best man-to-man cover guy in the draft. Is physical at the line and can turn and run with anyone. Makes good plays on the ball when it is in the air and has good hands. Only concern is his size.

2. Quentin Jammer - Texas (+)
Reminds me of Duane Starks. Is big and physical at the line of scrimmage. Is good in run support. I think everyone has him just a little over rated, but he is a first round guy.

3. *Phillip Buchanan - Miami (+)
Reminds me of Sam Madison. Part of the best defensive backfield in the country. Is a solid cover man who supports the run well. Is a big play CB and sometimes gets burned because of it.

4. Mike Rumph - Miami (n)
Reminds me of Chad Scott. Has tremendous size to match up with big receivers. Has good speed and ball skills. A solid tackler. Is not as smooth as you would like when changing direction. Can get beat if he has to cover a guy for a long time.

5. *Lito Sheppard - Florida (-)
Had decided to go back to school until Spurrier left. Is more an athlete than than a CB at this point. Has great make up speed and great hands once he gets them on the ball. Will chip in against the run when needed.

6. Mike Echols - Wisconsin (-)
Reminds me of Jamar Fletcher. A playmaker who has great technique in man-to-man coverage. He is physical, but not that big. Has great speed and can recover when he gets beat. Not much for run support.

7. Andre Lott - Tennessee (n)
Reminds me of Ronde Barber. Not tall but very big for his height. Has good speed and is a big time play maker. Makes catches like a WR. His CB technique is not that great and he will need to learn on the job and that makes him a bit of a risk.

8. Roosevelt Williams - Tuskegee (n)
Reminds me of Deltha O'Neal only not as fast. Like O'Neal Williams is very raw coming out of college. Will get burned as often as he makes nice plays, and lacks the closing speed to make up for his mistakes. Has a lot of potential, but needs to be a nickel back for a year or two to learn how to play CB in the NFL.

9. Rashad Bauman - Oregon (+)
Reminds me of Deion Sanders. Stay with me on this now. Is the king of trash talking corners. Is very fast and quick and everytime a ball is thrown his way he thinks HE can score a TD. The only problem is that he is only 5-8 and can't really match up with the big, tall WR's that play in the NFL. Still a very good talent.

10. Joseph Jefferson - Western Kentucky (+)
Had a great Blue-Gray Game. Is a classic ball hawking CB with a knack for making big plays. Is a great punt returner as a bonus. Only question is the talent he played against in college.

11. Errol Hood - North Carolina (-)
Everyone loves his technique in man-to-man coverage. He is big and strong and loves to hit receiver at the line, he shows good technique turning and running with receivers. The only problem is he can't keep up with them. Will get beat deep more often than not. Is very good in run support.

12. Sheldon Brown - South Carolina (-)
A lot of people are very high on Brown but I can't see spending a high draft pick on a corner that doesn't excell at man-to-man coverage. He is very fast and makes great breaks on balls in the air and can catch up to receivers as well as anyone. He just is not very physical and won't be able to cover most NFL WR's man-to-man.

13. Kevin Thomas - UNLV (-)
Not all that big, but pretty fast. Can turn and run with most receivers. Biggest negative is that he just seems to not always care. Not much help against the run either.

14. Omare Lowe - Washington (-)
Reminds of a guy in last years draft, Gary Baxter. Has great size at over 6 feet and 203 pounds. Like Baxter has spent some time at safety. Is very physical at the line and against the run, but is overmatched in man-to-man coverage most of the time. He will make plays on the ball and his size will interest a lot of teams.

15. Markese Fitzgerald - Miami (n)
Reminds me of Rashard Anderson. Is a tall, thin corner. Is a good athlete who can go up the ladder on fade routes with most receivers. Is tall, but needs to bulk up and be more physical. Is the nickel back for Miami, but that is no disgrace considering the talent on that unit.


1. *Roy Williams - Oklahoma (+)
Reminds me of Ronnie Lott. A huge hitter at safety. Makes plays like a LB. Has a load of athletic ability. Is good in coverage and watch out when they turn him loose on the blitz.

2. Edward Reed - Miami (+)
Reminds me of John Lynch. A big hitter who plays a lot around the line of scrimmage. Very explosive against the run game. Is a big play player. An excellent blitzer.

3. Michael Lewis - Colorado (+)
Reminds me of Brian Dawkins. Devastating aginst the run, needs work against the pass. Plays hard and with passion. Is a big hitter.

4. Pig Prather - Mississippi St (-)
Reminds me of Brock Marion. Has great size and strenght for a safety. Plays like a LB. Is tremendous run stopper who is getting better in coverage.

5. Lamont Thompson - Washington State (+)
Reminds me of Ronnie Lott. Is fast and built very powerfully. Is a leader and a playmaker. Is coming off a neck injury, but was first team All American in his senior season and seems to be at 100% again. Is a unique combination of a center field type safety and a crowd the line run stuffing safety.

6. Tank Williams - Stanford (n)
Reminds me of Robert Griffith. Plays near the line of scrimmage. Loves to blitz and take on the running game. Will get beat if you ask him to cover a TE man-to-man a lot. Very physical player.

7. Kevin Curtis - Texas Tech (+)
Reminds me of Steve Atwater. Likes to hit people. May not cover the best but will make you pay for catching one in front of him. Good against the run and likes to blitz.

8. Marquand Manuel - Florida (n)
Just a solid safety. Good not great versus the run, good not great versus the pass. Won't wow you with is athletic ability or play, but won't hurt you either.

9. Jon McGraw - Kansas State (+)
Reminds me of Kim Herring only taller and faster. Can fly for a safety. Has a good burst and closing speed on receivers. Not great agaist the run, but is willing, just needs to bulk up.

10. Chris Hope - Floida State (+)
Reminds me of Sammy Knight. Likes to roam in the defensive backfield. Will make a lot plays on balls that hang for too long. Has excellent closing speed. Not much help in stopping the run.

11. Vince Huntsburger - Montana (+)
Reminds me in Tim Hauck. I know nobody has Huntsberger rated this high, but he is a player. Very smart and almost never out of position. Is a big play player and a big hitter.

12. Jermaine Phillips - Georgia (-)
Reminds me of Eric Brown. All big hits and no technique. At least Phillips has an excuse, he has only played safety for two years, he was a WR before that. Is very raw, but a great tackler. Gets lost easily in coverage. Has the potential to get much better as he plays the position more.

13. Cory Wire - Stanford (-)
Like Adam Archuleta last year Wire will make the move from LB to safety. He isn't blessed with the athletic ability that Archuleta has and he is a step slow to be a great NFL safety, but is a solid enough tackler and plays hard so he will get a look.