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Denver Broncos Draft Update
QB Rankings

* indicates underclassman
+ indicates moving up
- indicates moving down
n indicates no movement

1. Joey Harrington - Oregon (+)
Reminds me of Jim Kelly. Has a strong arm and the ability to will his team to victory. Doesn't always look pretty but is tough as nails and a great leader.

2. David Carr - Fresno St (+)
Reminds me of Tim Couch. Not a classic drop back passer but does it well, doesn't have a huge arm but it is strong, isn't a runner but is nifty in the pocket and allude rushers long enough for his receivers to get open. Is a great leader and all around tough guy.

3. Kurt Kittner - Illinois (n)
Reminds me of Troy Aikman. Not as talented as Aikman but plays the same type of game. Needs help from his rushing attack to be his most effective, but hardly ever makes a mistake and will occassionaly make big plays to win games.

4. Rohan Davey - LSU (-)
Reminds me of Duante Culpepper. Is basically the same size as Culpepper and is still sometimes a run first QB. If he learns to stay in the pocket more he could be a very good NFL QB.

5. David Garrard - East Carolina (n)
Reminds me of Jeff Blake. Maybe it's because Blake went to East Carolina too, but when I see Garrad I think of Blake. Throws the deep ball well and is nifty in the pocket.

6. Randy Fasani - Stanford (+)
Has a stronger arm than I orginally thought. Looked very good in the Shrine game. If he can stay healthy he can play in the NFL. Is a very accurate thrower with good size and arm strength.

7. Patrick Ramsey - Tulane (+)
Reminds me of Peyton Manning. Don't get me wrong, he is not another Peyton Manning, but like Peyton, Patrick is a classic drop back passer. The one thing he does have on Manning is he doesn't get happy feet while in the pocket.

8. JT O'Sullivan - UC Davis (+)
He doesn't always look pretty, but he gets the job done. One of the knocks on him is that he can't throw on the run, but from what I've seen he can do that, and really do everything very well.

9. David Neill - Nevada (n)
Reminds me of Mark Rypien. Is very accurate on long throws. Is an big play, homerun hitter type QB.

10. Seth Buford - Cal Poly SLO (+)
Is huge for a QB. Likes to run instead of throw sometimes. Has a live arm and is very athletic. An interesting prospect who will be graded down because of the competition he played against.

11. Major Applewhite - Texas (n)
Reminds me of Phil Simms, oddly enough. Despite his choir boy looks he is tough and an excellent leader. Can make all the throws. Don't forget, he was the Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year before Mack Brown sold his sole to Chris Simms.

12. Dusty Bonner - Valdosta St. (n)
Reminds me of Josh Heupel. Doesn't posses the biggest arm ever, but his a master of timing routes and hits receivers in stride all the time. Is a very good leader. Has a little more talent than Heupel.

13. Nick Rolovich - Hawaii (n)
Incredibly productive in his only major college season. Teams probably didn't see enough of him to be sold, but basically has played as many games as Akili Smith did in college and in my opinion has played at a higher level. Shows the ability to make all the throws and is a tough leader.

14. Zak Kustoc - Northwestern (n)
Reminds me of Shaun King. Both played mostly out of the shotgun formation in college. Is most at ease when he is alone in the backfield. Will probably change his mind about that after about two NFL practices.