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Denver Broncos Draft Update
RB Rankings

* indicates underclassman
+ indicates moving up
- indicates moving down
n indicates no movement

1. *William Green - Boston College (+)
Reminds me of Marshall Faulk. Does it all, and does it all fast. Is a good receiver and a runner that is a threat to go the distance everytime he touches the ball

2. *TJ Duckett - Michigan St (+)
Reminds me of Jerome Bettis. Never gets knocked back. Will turn a one yard loss into a two yard gain and a five yard gain into a big play by simply running over people. Is also a good receiver.

3. DeShaun Foster - UCLA (+)
Reminds me of Eddie George. Is not as strong as George yet, but takes care of the ball and is both powerful and fast. Has had trouble staying healthy but when healthy has been very productive.

4. Adrain Peterson - Georgia St (n)
Reminds of Curtis Martin...sort of. Is a unique back in that he is undersized but loves to run inside and doesn't have great speed. Played in Division IAA so people will question his huge numbers. Wasn't asked to catch the ball much in college.

5. *Clinton Portis - Miami (+)
A classic cutback runner. Everyone raves about his vision and footwork in the hole. Would have benefited from another year in college, but is still a top back.

6. Brian Westbrook - Villanova (+)
Reminds me of Warrick Dunn. Put up huge numbers both receiving and rushing. Is undersized so his durability will be questioned, but has 4.47 speed and is a threat everytime he touches the ball.

7. Lamar Gordon - North Dakota St (n)
Reminds me of LaDanian Tomlinson. Put up huge numbers in college against lesser talent. Is a good receiver, but not much of a blocker. Has tremendous speed and elusiveness.

8. Ladell Betts - Iowa (-)
Reminds me of Tyrone Wheatley. A powerful runner but not much a big play threat. At his best getting tough short yardage. Is a good receiver as well.

9. Damian Anderson - Northwestern (-)
Reminds me of Robert Smith. Is capable of going the distance every play. Is a good reciever, but will run out of bounds every chance he gets. A little disappointing in his senior season but still very productive.

10. Eric Crouch - Nebraska (+)
Reminds me of a young Kordell Stewart. The difference is nobody is going to try to make and NFL QB out of Crouch. He will be a "Slash" type player. Will probably play mostly RB, but some WR and even a little option QB could be in his NFL future. Can be used on trick plays. The bottom line is that he is fast and understands how to run, he is a player and at some point will be the best player on the board and be drafted.

11. Jonathan Wells - Ohio St. (-)
Reminds me of Jamal Lewis. A bruiser in the hole, very powerful and hard for one defender to bring down. Once he gets though the hole is deceptivly fast. Is a good receiver as well.

12. Maurice Morris - Oregon (-)
Reminds me of Emmitt Smith. Is quick in and out of the hole. Has surprising strenghth. Is fast enough to take it to the house once in the open field. Is a good receiver and willing to take on blitzers in pass protection. Could move up the board with good individual workouts and/or combine.

13. Chester Taylor - Toledo (+)
A very good between the tackles runner. Will show occasional bursts of speed, but is not a homerun hitter. Not a great receiver or blocker, but is still very productive. I'm not as sold as some people seem to be, but the word is that he is moving up everyone draft boards.

14. Ken Simonton - Oregon State (-)
Reminds me of Tiki Barber. A little pinball of a back. Is undersized but a good interior runner. Has good skills both receiveing and blocking in the passing game. His size is a concern, but he is a player.

15. Enis Haywood - Iowa State (+)
Reminds me of Mike Alstott. What you see is what you get.
Straight ahead power. Would rather run over you than look at you.

16. Jesse Chatman - Eastern Washington (+)
Was very, very productive in college (in fact he more yards rushing than anyone in the nation). He is short but well built and can stand up to the punishment, but is just not very fast. Is a very good receiver out of the backfield as well. A very interesting prospect from a small school.

17. Woodrow Dantzler - Clemson (n)
Reminds me Michael Bishop. Not really a QB, but not really a WR or RB either. Lacks the arm strength to play QB in the NFL and lacks the speed to be a great back. He just a good player with big play ability.

18. Eric McCoo - Penn State (-)
Reminds me of Terrell Davis. A one move back. Makes one move and then gets upfield. Once he past the first wave has enough speed to go the distance. Didn't look impressive in his senior year at Penn State, mostly due to his supporting cast.

19. Ricky Williams - Texas Tech (n)
A small back who made an incredible 92 catches out of the backfield. He lead his team in receiving and rushing in his senior season. Never really returned to full strength after a 1999 knee injury, but still an intersting prospect on day two.

20. Josh Scobey - Kansas State (-)
If he can in space he has tremendous speed, the problem is he isn't really illusive in the hole and doesn't make many people miss. His toughness and speed make him a prospect, not a very good one in my opinion.

21. Travis Stephens - Tennessee (-)
Not the big power back that recent Tennessee runners have been. Is very small and doesn't run powerfully. If he breaks into the clear he has good enough speed, but can't carry the load as an every down NFL back.

22. Ray Jackson - Cincinnati (-)
A very powerful interior runner who just doesn't have the speed to turn the corner in the NFL. Could be a nice role player for a team that needs a powerful pressence in short yardage and goal line situations.

23. Luke Staley - BYU (-)
Has great size and OK speed, but is making a huge mistake by skipping his senior season. He won't be able to go to the combine or have any individual workouts because of the broken leg he suffered at the end of the season. The most optomistic estimate is that he will be out for six months. For a guy who already has suspect 40 times not having a chance to improve them for scouts will kill him.