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Denver Broncos Draft Update
TE Rankings

* indicates underclassman
+ indicates moving up
- indicates moving down
n indicates no movement

1. Danial Graham - Colorado (+)
Reminds me of Jay Novacek. Always seems to be open and has great hands. A tremendous security blanket for a QB. Needs to work on his blocking, but has the ability to get better.

2. *Jerramy Stevens TE Washington
Reminds me of Shannon Sharpe. Excellent pass catching TE. Is a big target and loves to go over the middle. Can get down field, but most of his big plays come from breaking tackles. In an OK blocker but will need to get better.

3. *Jeremy Shockey - Miami (+)
Reminds me of Tony Gonzalez. A great receiver who is tough for defenses to match up with. Not a very good blocker at this point.

4. Robert Royal - LSU (n)
Reminds me of Ben Coates. A great outlet type reciever. Has good mechanics catching the ball. Is already a good blocker and getting better. His size makes him easy for the QB to see and hard for LB's to stop.

5. Doug Jolley - BYU (+)
Has ideal size and speed. Has great hands and runs very precise routes. Is improving as a blocker and seems to have his best football ahead of him.

6. Justin Peelle - Oregon (-)
Reminds me of Todd Heap. A TE in a WR's body. Makes remendous catches, but doesn't care much for blocking and isn't particularly good at it either.

7. Mike Hart - Duke (n)
A WR with a TE body and speed. Is strictly a receiving TE. Needs to improve a lot to just be an average blocker, but can make incredible catches.

8. Tim Stratton - Purdue (n)
Reminds me of Kyle Brady. Pretty much just a pass cathing TE.

9. Tracy Wistrom - Nebraska (-)
Reminds me of Byron Chamberlain. Great hands, but not a lot of speed. Is an OK blocker, but won't overpower many players.