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Denver Broncos Draft Update
LB Rankings

* indicates underclassman
+ indicates moving up
- indicates moving down
n indicates no movement


1. Levar Fisher - NC State (+)
Reminds me of Kevin Hardy. One of the most active LB's I've ever seen. Will make plays run at him and will run plays down on the other side of the field. If he plays behind a big DL he will be a great player.

2. *Saleem Rasheed - Alabama (+)
Always around the ball and plays 100 MPH. Athletic and a good tackler. Doesn't fight through traffic as well as you would like, but has a lot of speed.

3. James Allen - Oregon State (+)
Reminds me of Jason Gildon. Can really run. Can run down nearly every play and when he gets there packs quite a punch. Is a little thin, needs to add bulk and strength.

4. Napolean Harris - Northwestern (n)
Reminds me of Bill Romanowski. Faster than his 40 time would lead you to beleive. Loves to stop the run. Needs work on pass coverage skill. Most people like him a lot more than I do, I'm just not sold on his overall ability yet.

5. Algie Atkinson - Kansas (+)
Has great size and speed and is a pretty good athlete. Descent pass rusher and can make plays in space against the run. Scouts loved him at the Shrine Game and he may move to DE in the NFL.

6. Larry Foote - Michigan (+)
Reminds me of Al Wilson. Always around the ball. Takes on blockers and wins most of the time. Has enough speed to cover most TE's in pass coverage. Has played inside in college some, but is not big enough to do that in the NFL.

7. Jashon Sykes - Colorado (-)
Reminds me of Kendrell Bell. Is very smooth in both coverage and the running game. Gets off blocks well and makes a whole boat load of plays. Can play either inside or outside, but uses his speed better when outside.

8. Ryan Nece - UCLA (+)
If he could stay healthy he would be a better prospect. A four-year starter in college, he can do everything NFL scouts want an OLB to do except stay in the lineup. If he is able to stay healthy in the NFL someone will get a steal with this guy.

9. Tavarreus Pounds - Auburn (n)
Not one thing really stands out with this guy. His best feature is that he attacks the line of scrimmage with abandon, but he is not really that big or that strong, and although he understands pass coverage, is not really fast enough to cover a lot people in the NFL.

10. Ben Leber - Kansas St (n)
Reminds me of Derrick Brooks. Not as talented as Brooks, but is extremely fast and covers a lot of ground from sideline to sideline. Is sometimes pretty easy to block, needs to play with a lower center of gravity.

11. Kevin Bentley - Northwestern (+)
Had a great Blue - Gray game. Has a nose for the ball and uses his speed well. Isn't that stong and doesn't shed blocks as well as you would like.

12. Scott Fujita - Cal (n)
A very consistent player who is always around the ball and always plays hard. It's too bad he just doen't have that much athletic ability.


1. Rocky Calmus - Oklahoma (+)
Reminds me of Zach Thomas. I don't care what his 40 time is, how many reps he does with 200 pounds, or what any other test says, this guy is a player and will be an All Pro in the NFL.

2. *Trev Faulk - LSU (+)
Reminds me of Takeo Spikes. A big, physical, athletic presence in the middle. Loves it when you run right at him. Can stack blockers and shed them to make the play. Matches up well in pass coverage as well.

3. Robert Thomas - UCLA (+)
Reminds me of London Fletcher. Has a lot of athletic ability, is fast and quick. Is a surprisingly good run stopper as well since he is hard to block in the open field. Drops well into pass coverage.

4. Pernell Griffin - East Carolina (+)
Can do it all. A great athlete who is fast and powerful. Makes plays in front of him as well as roaming from sideline to sideline to make plays. The reason he isn't more highly thought of is that he takes plays and sometimes entire series off.

5. Andra Davis - Florida (+)
Is a great pure tackler. Is a big hitter and loves to stuff the run. Doesn't have great speed and is a little lost in pass coverage. Seems to be fully recoverd from a knee injury he suffered in 2000.

6. Josh Thonhill - Michigan State (+)
Reminds me of Greg Beikert. A hard worker. Will make a lot of tackles in the run game. Doesn't have great lateral movement and will get beat in pass coverage some, but overall a very solid MLB.

7. Justin Ena - BYU (-)
Is a very good LB when plays are run right at him but is not fast or stong enough to pick his way through traffic to hunt the ball. Is a good tackler and will contribute in stopping the run.

8. Bradley Jenning - Florida State (-)
Reminds me of Anthony Simmons. Excells against the run. Has enough ablility to get better against the pass. Plays hard all the time.

9. DD Lewis - Texas (n)
Lacks the size scouts look for in a MLB. Plays hard and is football smart. Is a very good run stopper.

10. Everick Rawls - Texas (+)
Playmaker who is always around the ball. He won't impress you with his size or speed, but always seems to be in position to make a play.

11. Robert Taylor - Grambling (-)
Plays well inside, loves to attack straight ahead in the running game, but is not very fast and doesn't play well in space.

12. Max Yates - Marshall (n)
Everyone loves is effort and the way he plays, but he just isn't that big. Teams ran right at him in college and he had trouble holding up. Just isn't fast enough to play OLB either. Will get a look from someone because he plays so hard.