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Denver Broncos Draft Update
OL Rankings

* indicates underclassman
+ indicates moving up
- indicates moving down
n indicates no movement


1. Bryant McKinnie - Miami (+)
Reminds me of Orlando Pace only better. Never allows a sack and is a great run blocker. May be the best player in the draft.

2. *Mike Pearson - Florida (n)
Reminds me of Tony Boselli. A leader on the offensive line. A polished pass protector who is functional in running game. Will get better.

3. Mike Williams - Texas (+)
Reminds me of former teammate Leonard Davis. Is a great athlete for as big as he is. Finshes his blocks well.

4. Marc Columbo - Boston College (+)
Reminds me of Tony Jones. Undersized for an NFL lineman, but has a tremendous motor and never stops hitting people. He is my favorite tackle in the draft.

5. Victor Rogers - Colorado (+)
Reminds me of Lincoln Kennedy. A terrific run blocker with his mammouth size. Will sometimes get beat by smaller, faster edge rushers.

6. Levi Jones - Arizona State (-)
Reminds me of Wayne Gandy. Shows all the ability in the world, but takes some plays off. Is equally good in the run and pass games.

7. Matt Hill - Boise State (+)
Moved from the defensive side of the ball before his junior year and was immediately all conference. Has a great motor. Excells in run blocking right now, still learning to pass block. I love this guy and think he is being under rated by teams so far.

8. Juaquin Gonzalez - Miami (-)
Reminds me of John Fina. A little small for a tackle. Is a very good pass protector, but at this point not someone you run behind when you need tough yardage. Will continue to improve.

9. Chester Pitts - San Diego St. (n)
Reminds me of Todd Stuessie. Has excellent size and really no weaknesses other than the fact he hasn't played much football. Huge upside.

10. Melvin Paige - South Carolina (-)
Reminds me of Willie Roaf. Can be dominate, but lacks the motor to finish people off. If he had a mean streak in him he would be a better prospect.

11. Jermese Jones - Virgina (+)
Would probably be better thought of if he wasn't injury prone. Is massive and can power run block as well as pass protect with proficincy. He is a lunch pail guy who shows up and plays hard every play. I really like this guy and he can probably be had on day two of the draft.

12. Langston Walker - California
A poor man's Bryant McKinnie. Has McKinnie's size and athletic ability, but not his work ethic or enthusiasm for the game. Can be flat out lazy at times.

13. Dave Volk - Nebraska (n)
Reminds me of Brad Badger. Is sometimes lost in pass protection, but is a very good straight ahead run blocker.

14. Artis Hicks - Memphis (n)
Reminds me of LJ Shelton. When his head is in the game is one of the best, but disappears for extended periods of time. Has a tendancy to let his weight get out of control. Has good footwork and looks polished in pass protection.

15. Reggie Coleman - Tennessee (-)
Reminds me of James "Big Cat" Williams. Obviously not as big as Williams, but can be every bit as overpowering in the running game. Has trouble with speed rushers in the passing game.


1. Andre Gurode - Colorado (+)
Reminds me of Larry Allen. A dominate run blocker who understands and plays with great leverage. Is excellent in pass protection as well. Is very quick at the start of plays. Easily the best guard in the draft. Can also play center.

2. Martin Bibla - Miami (-)
Reminds me of Dan Neil. Doesn't have the most talent in the world, but plays hard on every down. Will take every advantage you give him. Tough hardnosed competitor.

3. Kendall Simmons - Auburn (+)
Reminds me of Stocker McDougal. Most people have Simmons as the number one guard, but I moved him down because he can't stay healthy. Has a lot of talent and is very stong in the running game.

4. Fred Weary - Tennessee (n)
Reminds me of Steve Wisniewski. Is one mean sucker. Is a great pulling guard and loves to trap block. Also has touble staying healthy.

5. Terrance Metcalf - Mississippi (-)
Reminds me of Ruben Brown. A massive guard that moves multiple people out of the way in the running game. Holds up well in pass protection as well.

6. *Toniu Fonoti - Nebraska (n)
Reminds me of David Dixon. Athletic and quick for a guard. Can pull on running plays and is strong at the point of attack. Needs work on pass protection.

7. Frank Romero - Oklahoma (n)
Reminds me of Alan Fanenca. Plays like he is mad at the world. Finishes blocks well. Motor never stops running. Is at his best when on the move pulling or trapping. Needs work in pass protection.

8. Shannon Money - Arkansas (n)
Reminds me of Lennie Friedman. Quick out of his stance and quick to get downfield and block in the running game. Has the best footwork of any guard in the draft.

9. Antwan Kirk-Hughes - Texas (+)
Reminds me of Edwin Mulitalo. Staright ahead power. He isn't going to out quick anyone, but once he gets his hands on you your done.

10. Jonathan Goodwin - Michigan (n)
Reminds me of Adam Timmerman. Has nice footwork and a great work ethic. Just isn't big and strong enough to always get his man under control. Can be bull rushed at times. Plays hard on every down though.


1. LeCharles Bentley - Ohio State (n)
Reminds me of Tom Nalen. Undersized but still dominates in both the rushing and passing games. Is a great leader and never gets outworked by anyone.

2. Seth McKinney - Texas A&M (+)
Reminds me of Jeff Christy. Very quick and very fast. Like Christy can get out and pull on running plays. Needs to add bulk and strength.

3. Melvin Fowler - Maryland (n)
Reminds me of Frank Garcia. Athletic and quick. Does a good job calling signals at the line. Just not as big as you would like a center to be.

4. Luke Butkus - Illinois (n)
Reminds me of Kevin Mawae. About the smallest center you'd ever want to see. His biggest asset is the fact that he plays harder than almost anyone else on the field on every play. He is very smart and uses his size to his advantage, but still gets overpowered way too much.